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I'm Charity. Wife and cat mom and an avid DIYer and decorator. Follow along as we make our builder grade home into something a little more custom one DIY at a time!

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Minimalist Halloween Decor Ideas

I’m not big into Halloween decor honestly. I like regular old fall decor much better! But, I do like a few pieces here and there. So I figured I could share a few minimalist Halloween Decor ideas with you all here….

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Whimsy Home Wednesday 47

Happy Wednesday y’all! What have you been up to this week? Come check out all our Whimsy Home Wednesday features we chose for the week below! And be sure to join in on the fun yourself too! Come be inspired…

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DIY Cat Sign

A few weeks ago, we found a poor, helpless kitten on our walk around the neighborhood. And being the big softie and cat lover that I am, we took her home with us since she was starving! Fast forward a…

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